Property Offering to PROSPECT

PROSPECT shall consider to acquire/ do a lease contract for the factory and warehouse.

The process as below

Step 01
Offer Property

Need to send us an additional document for consideration to the REIT Manager.

Which should contain information

  • Property Information
  • Leasable area information; occupancy rate, rental rate, tenant’s information, and etc.
  • Offering price
Step 02

REIT Manager shall verify documents and contact to seller.

Step 03
Site Visit

Seller shall bring REIT Manager to do a site visit for checking property based on professional practice and regulation.

Step 04

REIT Manager will appoint appraisers to do a property valuation.

Step 05
Buy-Sell Agreement

REIT Manager will contact seller to discuss about a buy and sell agreement, if property is passed due diligence procedures by REIT Manager.

Proponents Information

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Information offered for sale

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