Investment Assets

Sub-leasehold rights of parts of land and buildings in the Bangkok Free Trade Zone

The Type of Assets

Warehouse and factory for rent are available in both Free Zone and General Zone

Which has
Units total

Strategic Location

Bangkok Free Trade Zone (BFTZ) is strategically located on Bangna-Trad Road km.23 in Samutprakarn province, in the suburb of Bangkok approx. 5 km. off the 23rd km post on Bangna-Trad Highway, near strategic ports, airports, industrial clusters both Bangplee Industrial Estate and Bangpoo Industrial Estate and well connected to major roads with transportation linkages between Bangkok and other provinces in all regions.

Distance from
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Kilometre (20 mins)
Distance from
Bangkok Port
Kilometre (30 mins)
Distance from
Don mueang Airport
Kilometre (60 mins)
Distance from
Laemchabang Port
Kilometre (60 mins)

Privileges and Benefits for Tenants

Bangkok Free Trade is announced in the government gazette as an Industrial Zone. Factory is allowed to establish. BFTZ is the nearest Purple Area and Free Zone to Bangkok.

Free Zone is a designated area for industrial, logistics and other business activities whereby raw materials, components and finished goods taken into the area are entitled to privileges on tax and custom duty

PROSECT will invest in parts of land and buildings in the Free Zone with total land area of approximately 134,417.0 sq.m. or 61% with details as follows:


One-Stop Services

Property Manager offers comprehensive services and facilities to support the business operation of tenants in both Free Zone and General Zone, to help facilitate and coordinate with government agencies on the essential license, such as

  • Free Zone License (License code: 185)
  • Factory License (Khor. 2)
  • BOI investment promotion

With long experience in developing and managing BFTZ since 2010, Property Manager has a deep understanding in the REIT’s asset, great understanding of clients’ needs, experienced in cooperating with government agencies to facilitate tenants’ business and a good relationship with tenants.

Varieties of High Quality Warehouse and Factory

All factories and warehouses in BFTZ are constructed with well-designed and high-standard with type and size varieties to match different businesses’ demands. Each warehouse or factory is fully insulated, fire-proof complete with all fire-preventative measures, wide roads to accommodate the large cargo truck, providing office / restroom, and no central pillars in the building.

Varieties of warehouse and factory can help the REIT manages risk from a single asset type (only warehouse or factory). There are 4 types of buildings as follows:

  1. Warehouse
    • Raised-floor warehouse
    • Flat-Slab Warehouse or Multi-purpose warehouse
  2. Stand-alone Factory
  3. Mini Factory
  4. Built-to-Suit
    A personal approach and custom solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

Well-Diversified Tenants

Property Manager pay attention to selecting and recruiting potential tenants.

  • No significant dependence on any specific industry as tenants are well-distributed among various business sectors.
  • Consisting of both domestic and foreign companies

Property Manager and REIT Manager’s experience

Prospect Development Co., Ltd. is one of the leading developers in factory and warehouse for rent. More than 10 years of experience in developing and managing the BFTZ provide an edge for Prospect Development Co., Ltd. as a property manager for PROSPECT.

Prospect REIT Management Co., Ltd. has been appointed as REIT Manager for PROSPECT, The REIT Manager team has a long experience and has been managing and operating in wide-ranging in real estate such as REIT Manager, Trustee, Property Fund Manager and Property Manager.

Impressive Historical Performance

PROSPECT initial investment assets has impressive historical performance. For the year 2017, 2018, 2019 and Q1/2020 the occupancy rate was 89.1%, 96.4% 93.1% and 93.6% (including the Built-to-Suit’s contract started on May 1, 2020).

For the year 2017, 2018, 2019 and Q1/2020 the EBITDA Margin was 86.2%, 87.1% 87.1% and 88.2% (including the Built-to-Suit’s contract started on May 1, 2020). A high EBITDA margin means the asset earnings are stable.